Thursday, August 12, 2010

Devin my Dude

I can't believe Devin is 8 months already!  I saw a picture of a newborn today and it actually just took me back.  Even though it's gone by sooo fast, it's so crazy/amazing watching how much they learn and how they adapt to society, how different they become.  I was never good with kids.  I was actually pretty fearful that I'd be a boring, awkward Mom.  I mean, of course I knew it would come naturally, but I dunno,  Enough about me and my pre-mothering fears, lets get to the good part.

Devin is amazing.  So, I had looked at the picture of the newborn, which sparked me to look at my own pictures.  It was beautiful and crazy thinking about everything, every moment I have not taken for granted, and enjoyed with him.

I can't believe he can say mama, baba, he's working on kitty cat, he gives me a high five then does the other hand, he gives me kiss (minus the lip pucker), he is learning to clap, and he hugs my neck and rests his head on my shoulder which is the best feeling!  Here are some pics I want to share.

 Here he looks like a little frog.  Hes just so tiny!

Still in hospital.  This was one of my favorite hospital pics.

This was the first item I purchased for him when I was preggo and not excited yet.  Then I saw this robe, and something about it just brought out all my excitement!

This was 6.5 months for him, looove this picture!

From a couple weeks ago. 

Love little Devin my dude.

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