Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Waka Waka Safari

This time I put together a simple safari feel outfit.  Army green is very "in" this fall season, and the safari look in general is always a classic!

{green silk jacket: New York and Company ($8), black jumper: Target ($15), leopard print shoes: chinatown NY ($10)}

{belt: Forever21 ($5), bracelets: world market (gifted), elephant necklace: etsy ($10?)}

{signature look of mine: aviators and/or big hoops, Forever21 ($5)($3)}

Notice the belt and how I twisted it?  This belt is the size of my hips/waist, but if you don't have money for a smaller belt for your waist, you can work with what you have!  Look at picture #2 and try to see what I did, I basically looped it over, and then in the hole that you make by doing so.  Confusing?  Maybe I'll make a tutorial, but just try to play with it and you'll probably figure it out.

How can I dress this look up?
Wear a black romper, throw on a shorter blazer (black,brown, gray or even white works), an animal print belt for under the blazer, and throw on some heels:
 Peep toe, booties, or platform wedges are all perfect to dress up this look.

How can I make this casual look more appropriate for fall?
You can wear an army green jacket or military jacket, some black tights and any shoes like these (ankle boots, oxfords, flats):

I don't feel comfortable in a romper, how else can I pull off the safari look?
There are a million ways to pull off the safari look and you can work with so many colors as well.  If you don't dig the army green, you can do khaki, if you don't like the blazers, you could do a vest.  Whether its jeggings (jeans leggings) or leggings you prefer, throw some on with a long dressy tee or tunic with a animal print belt or scarf, and any of the shoes above (all found at and I only used them cuz it was easier to edit the pics)!

Dont forget:
-Accessorizing will really pull the look together.  You can use golds, silvers, or wood beads.  I used turquoise colored wood bangles to throw in a splash of color.  Don't forget a dash of animal, whether it's animal print or animal jewelry!
-Natural makeup look, smokey eye look, or simple black eye liner would be perfect makeup for this classical look.
- Finish the look with braids or a messy bun!

p.s. Waka Waka means "do it/do it" in Cameroonian!
p.p.s. "hype" the look below if you like it!

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  1. Great look on you. I could use some new ideas for leggings, maybe in one of your next posts, you can use them as part of the outfit.