Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Tough n Sweet

Today, I was super comfortable.  These pants kill me with their comfyness.  I immediately knew I wanted to wear them with my short, rugged looking boots- and in order to make my outfit more feminine, I decided to top it off with a soft, pale pink cardigan, big gold earrings, and lipstick.  It came together quite well, don't you think?

 I swear I wasn't trying to be cute, I was actually making faces and fake laughing with Devin.  He started it!

 See my ASOS watch I put in my holiday gift guide below.  p.s. You have to slip it over your hand, it doesn't have a clasp.  It's weird, but I still like it.

pink new york and company cardi: gab. bros ($6)
white tee: f21 ($5)
black harem pants: f21 ($14)
zigi soho meena boots: dsw ($26)
gold earrings: f21, gift
asos watch: gift ($40)
blue/gray infinity scarf: f21, gift


  1. you look just like madonna if she was broke and had cheap makeup and highlights. nice try though

  2. Deaum Anonymous! only an Anonymous douche would ever say something like that! Keep it Up Spottie! you are looking GREAT! and thanks for sharing.

  3. Dear "Anonymous"-
    welcome back! I haven't seen you since October 20th when you were talking about how ugly I was then too. I love how each time you re-discover my blog, you catch up with all the many, many, pages you've missed. But guess what anonymous, I know who you are, I know your location, I know how you get to my blog, who provides your internet when you are lucky enough to get on it, and your IP address. So how bout you keep your bull shit comments to yourself, go try to find someone else who you want to blame for identity theft, and stop worrying bout what I'm doing.


    p.s. thanks for making my page counts go WAY up!