Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Banana Pudding

I'm eating this amazing banana pudding as I type.  Have you had banana pudding?  It's bomb.  My boss made it for a holiday potluck.  I really love this time of year. I actually crave it at some point in every summer.  I don't like my wallet being empty and my credit cards being full, nor the long lines, the crowded stores and psycho people, but I do like the holiday spirit, candy canes, holiday lights on peoples homes, holiday lights in general, hot chocolate, and snow!

Tonight, there is a lunar eclipse tonight in a couple hours and I am excited.  I can see the moon from my bedroom window quite perfectly, I'm very excited!  So I wanted to quickly post a couple outfit pictures before I try to get some shut eye before said lunar eclipse.

#1- Dream Coat:
I had been looking for an affordable long, white, wool trench for a couple years.  I didn't stop until I found the perfect one, and this was it:

I look like a midget with no neck in this pic, but I wanted you to see the colors of the shirt.  I wish you could see it better, but it's so pretty!

I looooove love love these shoes I got over the weekend.  They are Nine West vintage collection, and I couldn't stop myself from getting them.  They will be fun to pair with, and you will probably see a lot of them.

Whole outfit from Gabriel Brothers (I posted about here)
Express Coat: $15
Liz Claiborne shirt: $15
J Brand Jeans: $20
Nine west shoes: $35

Later that day I changed (terrified to get the white coat dirty), and good thing I did, as I spilled the coffee I'm holding in my hand all over myself 15 minutes later.
This coat was new too.  Well, new to me, but thrifted for $40.  It's warm, long, and has a large fold down collar, which I love!

#2: Comfy clothes for a quick holiday shopping run:
These leggings are thick, warm, and super soft.  They have cute buttons on the bottom that make them look not as pajama-y, but I will probably mostly wear boots with them, so I guess they will always look like jammies.  Maybe when it warms up I will get creative.  I got a paid of brown ones too, I couldn't resist!

cardi: thrifted ($14)
black shirt: hand me down
poof sweater leggings: gabriel brothers ($7)
uggs: nordstrom anniversary sale ($80)

Hope you enjoyed and/or got some ideas.  Goodnight!

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  1. I totally love those sweater tights! I've been scouring everywhere for some like that but have been unsuccessful! They're kick ass amazing!

    P.S. Found your blog through your post on IFB! :)