Sunday, December 26, 2010

Warm and Cozy

I am fortunate enough that I got gifts for Christmas, and I love everyone of them.  But one of my favorites, I got for myself.  I discovered this Anthropologie sweater on Christmas Eve, when it was gifted to Michael's sister.  I loved it soooo much, I knew I was going to go get it the next day the store was open!  This is another one of those purchases that is rare for me....aka very expensive (and ya'll know by now my cheap ass NEVER spends a lot on any one item).  So anyway, here I am debuting my comfy, warm and cozy sweater. 

Here is what I wore to the store (I just threw on this outfit and quite liked it!):

pale pink New York & company cardi: Gabriel Bros ($6) originally $50
one of those thick scarves (similar to infinity scarves but not): Gab Bros. ($2)
light gray/cream shirt: f21 ($14)
j brand jeans: Gab Bros. ($20)
Aerie boots: thrifted, ($16)

Anthropologie cardi sweater: ($80)
light gray/cream shirt: f21 ($14)
j brand jeans: Gab Bros. ($20)
Aerie boots: thrifted, ($16)

Yup, the sweater was quite a splurge.  But I got a few other great items for great prices.  I got a glass ring holder for $10, an oven mitt and matching pot holder for $7 each, and a cute lion salt and pepper shaker set for $8.  I never knew that some of their items could actually be affordable!  Yup, that's my confession...I had yet to ever go into an Anthropologie store, can you believe it?! I've been drooling over their stuff from the catalog for YEARS!

Some of my other Christmas gifts were,

- Zara silk perfume (yum!)
- Nikon camera remote (did ya notice?  No more bothering Michael for pictures! ;p)
- Minnetonka moccassins I've been wanting forever
- two circle scarves (yay!)

What are some of your favorite items?  Remember to be thankful that you even had a holiday in a warm home. Tata!

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  1. Where did the Zara Silk come from? I've looked for it everywhere! Thanks!