Friday, December 24, 2010

Feliz Navidad

Hola y Feliz Navidid to my latino friends! I wanted to share my festive outfit I wore to work yesterday.   I got this blazer partially as a joke, since it's a very weird material....almost like a raincoat.  But I thought it was super cute and it fit perfectly! 

blazer: thrifted, $2
white & gray shirt: f21/old navy ($6, $4)
black leggings: f21 ($8)
white socks: nordstrom rack, ($2)
steve madden boots: ($60)

So that's it.  What a super comfy outfit. Do you have last minute shopping to do today?  I do, and I have never been on xmas eve, so I am a bit nervous about the lines and psycho people I will be dealing with.  So wish me luck!  I hope you have a wonderful Christmas Eve followed by an amazing Christmas.  To all the locals, make sure you wear your pajamas inside out and backwards tomorrow night so we can get some good snow Sunday-Monday with no work! :)

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