Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Style Notebook

Hey homies.  Tonight, I had fun trying on outfits and writing down my outfit ideas.  That's what I had done the night before my last outfit post.  I woke up, and took no time to get ready cuz I had the outfit planned, it felt great! I try to make that the case usually, but it doesn't always happen.  If I leave myself a couple of options, I sit there and stare and don't know what to do, and I always end up almost being late. If I have no idea at all, then pssshhhhhh my ass will stare at my clothes forever and weigh all these options like, 'well, what if I want to wear that shirt tomorrow?' or 'I want to wear this, but I won't be that comfortable....but, tomorrow is Friday and I can dress comfortable should I just wear it?' Or, 'but if I wear this then I should prob wear my hair up and I wanted to wear it down tomorrow cuz I'm wearing it up the next day.' (that depends on when I washed my hair, and what type of hair day I'm having). Yeah, I know. I'm crazy. I ponder all these things and take forever.

So the main point was, that tonight I wrote down outfit ideas in a flimsy paper notebook.  But, every time I go to Marshalls or Borders, or TJ Maxx, I have my eyes on the notebooks and want one, but I didn't exactly know what I wanted one for.  Now, I do and I can't wait to get one.  My problem will be deciding between the ones I see, I promise.

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