Wednesday, December 15, 2010

What Christmas Lights Do To Me

I for reals love Christmas lights.  They immediately change my mood as soon as the lights go out and they are turned on.  I've had this feeling towards xmas lights since forever.  I put them in my room around the ceilings in high school, and it honestly made a huge difference on my mood as soon as the lights went out.  I dunno if some may think that's weird, but for whatever reason, they make me happy and I wish I could have them on year round.  Maybe I'll think of some way of making it chic and possible?  Anyway, we just put the tree up tonight (finally):

how amazing is this pic? I am so proud of myself.

And now for the outfit of the day:

I promise this outfit looks less boring in person.

I got several compliments on my boots, one from a male stranger (and no, he did not seem gay AT ALL).  With that being said, they kill my feet.

sweater: f21, old ($12)
black miss sixty harem pants: thrifted, ($16)
black "rouge" boots: thrifted, ($8)

 And now for my outerwear:

Either people commented on how much they loved the hat, or they looked at me like I was crazy.  This Hispanic guy was asking his friend if I had some type of animal on my head. LOL 

 hat: H&M, ($13)
Sophia Eugene coat (lined in silk): thrifted, ($5- in PERFECT condition might I add!)

Tomorrow, it's supposed to snow about an inch.  I LOVE snow and can't wait for a real snow storm.  There are so many snow haters here, but I love it!

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  1. your tree is so beautiful! Great job!! And I personally think that hat is beyond amazing!! Such a cutie you are and your little man is so adorable too!