Friday, December 3, 2010

Holiday Gift Guide- For Her (Part 1)

The holidays are not just around the corner anymore, they are pretty much here.  The malls are filled with people, street lights are filled with decorations, and holiday music is playing everywhere you go.  Whether you are looking to get a present for your boss, neighbor, significant other, in-laws, or Mom, I will be posting some favorite things I have come across that I think would make great gifts.

Black Asos Watch

 ASOS Silicon Strap Bracelet Watch With Metal Face ($44.82)
Any girl can use a watch.  One might be quick to think that we most often look to our cell phones to keep the time, but they're still wrist candy.  Watches are timeless pieces that can add to any outfit.

Mini Elephant Jewelry box

Z Gallerie Elephant Jewel Box ($18.79)
Only the Elephant is left.  This gift would be cute for a boss, a friend, in a stocking, etc.  It's really beautiful and different.  These are great to keep rings in, and small earrings as well.

Scarf and Glove Set

F21 Scarf and Glove Combo (more colors) ($7.50)
First of all, even if you get just a scarf, this mustard color is a must have for a scarf.  There is currently one at target that's a tiny bit lighter, and made of better material (where as this set is a perfectly cute warm accessory for outerwear).  Many girls I know have the scarf from Target that I speak of.  So this set is perfect peace it's only $7.50, it's warm, and it makes a cute and thoughtful small gift.  Good for a coworker.

Thermal Pajama Pants:

Close Fit Pajama Bottoms ($10.80)
These sexy pajama pants are cute and comfy!  Any pajama set makes a great gift.  You can find flannel sets as well.  Victoria's Secret has a great selection, though it is pricier than this F21 pajama bottom.

Elephant Necklace:

Sri Lanka fancy elephant necklace ($12)
This necklace has a surprisingly cheap price for as beautiful as it is.  I love elephants (as you may know by now), and I think this necklace can go with a lot as well as add a lot to an outfit.  It would be really cute with a gray v-neck tee.  Also, white shirt with jeggings, an army green blazer, and black or dark brown booties.

Rainboot Plant (for the office):

mini rainboot gardens ($14)  This is a really great gift for someone's office desk, or maybe a kids' bookshelf.  They have different colors, just click the link to go to the site.  This gift would be great for anyone.  It's great because you could really give it to a lot of different type of people, and it would most likely still be appreciated.  It's a unique gift/idea- those gifts are the best, in my opinion.    Cute Russian Doll Measuring Cups (for the home): 
  Russian Doll measuring cups ($16) These measuring cups are adorable for any girl with an apartment!  They are so chic and unique while being useful.  Another thoughtful gift idea that would probably please most gals.
Well folks, it is late for me tonight.  Devin's birthday is today!! My baby boy is going to be one year old, and I can't believe it!  Anyway, I will be doing more gift guides.  I hope you enjoyed!  Feel free to share your ideas as well.

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  1. i love that watch. i also saw those pjs at f21 and i was so tempted to buy them but the line for the fitting room was so long:( another day!