Monday, January 31, 2011

From What I Can Remember

Ok, so it's no secret that I suck big time!  But last week was HORRIBLE!  If you are in the area, you already know what type of day/evening was for anyone in the DC area.  There was a sudden snow storm and everyone that needed to travel from work to home, was stuck in their car, or bus, or wherever, for a minimum for 4 hours.  It was 5 and a half for myself, and that's ONLY because I read a map and found a different way home after my only two main roads to my house were stopped for hours.  I was only 5 minutes away, but I knew if I tried those ways, I would have been there for probably two hours, no exaggeration! Everyone was mind f'ed, if you know what I mean.  It was a very crazy experience. Hell, I could have been to NY and halfway back!  Crazy.

Anyway, as soon as I got a chance (today), I threw on outfits I could remember from last week as well as today's.  I hope it makes up for the lack of posts recently!

scarf: f21 ($8)
yellow cardi: nordstrom rack, ($12)
New York & Company green cardi: gabriel brothers ($6)
leopard print belt: f21(old, $5)
J Brand jeans: Gabriel Bros. ($20)
Nine West Vintage Collection: Gab. Bros. ($30)
black watch: asos ($40)
p.s.  Whenever I wear those shoes, I get a TON of compliments, everytime! 

black cardi: gifted
striped tee: thrifted, ($3)
tweed skirt: old navy ($2)
red tights: Macys ($5)
Me Too booties: DSW ($30)


silence and noise shirt: Gab Bros (originally urban outfitters or Anthropologie) ($3)
Madewell cords: thrifted, ($14)
black nine west boots: nine west outlet, ($30)

(and this ugly last one most acccurately shows the colors)
blue Talbots blazer: thrifted, ($5)
white tee: old navy ($8)
j crew ultra lounge pants: j crew ($49)- my biggest clothing splurge!
guess shoes: "thrifted", ($20)

And last but not least........... 

I just LOVE this face!!!!! I know you do too.

Oh, and, I am going to New York Fashion week for IFBs conference!  I am soooo excited, but more on that next time:


  1. i love that silence and noise top! such pretty colors!

  2. That black and white outfit with the cranberry tights and the lounge paints with the blazer... HOTNESS. Mina come style me I've lost my

  3. I enjoyed with this page