Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Years!!

Hello  hello!  Can't believe it's 2011!  While 2010 certainly wasn't my year, I am thankful that I lived through another, and joyous to be in the next.  I noticed that even-numbered years aren't the best for me, while the odd ones have been great ones.  2009 was an excellent year for me, so I am looking forward to what 2011 might have to offer.  I am never the resolution making type person, and when I do make one, I will forget what it was by the end of the month. Also, I definitely believe that one should make resolutions and goals for self improvement continuously and not just on January 1st.  HOWEVER, I decided to really try to make some goals for myself and try hard to achieve them.  Here are some things I'd like to really work on (in no particular order):

- My attitude.  I hate to say it, but I can be quite the bitch to those I love the most.  I won't destroy your view of my by going into details, but I do have a lot I'd like to fix in this regard.
- Making my home my palace.  I want to start accomplishing making my home like the ones I love to look at in
- Really get my etsy store up and running
- Really get my part-time personal stylist work up and running
- Volunteer my time (this is a biggie for me)
- Treat my body and mind better. (yoga, stretching, exercise, daily face moisturizing).
- Read to Devin more and read for myself more.  I read to him a lot, but not as much as I'd like to  I always want to read more for myself
- Take a dance class
- Save money. Another big one, I suck at saving.
- Be more social.  I suck at this, I'm such a homebody and never want to do anything, so I need to get better about this one for sure.
- Evolve my blog.  Get a banner or theme going, purchase a domain, etc.  

Speaking of which, one amazing aspect of 2010 has been my blog.  I have always blogged for many years on and off, and I've always been surprised to find that I had even A reader.  But 2010, I really started to take my love of blogging seriously.  I wasn't sure what I was going to make of SpottieOtties when I started [taking it more seriously], but I knew that I truly loved it, and I knew I would figure it out.  

Now, I wouldn't call SpottieOtties solely a fashion blog, but it has definitely become a main focus.  And while I am glad I have a purpose for this blog, I am also glad that I can switch it up and post anything from recipes, to advice in general, pictures, thoughts, and even bits of my personal life (after all, Devin's too cute not to share!).  So yes, I love this blog, I love having it as my second job.  But one of things (if not THE thing) I love most about this whole blogging thing, is that anytime I get a compliment on my blog, or someone even telling me they read it, I get this serious amount of joy within me.  It's one of the best feelings, and I don't know why.  But the fact that I have readers (40!), makes me seriously happy and I am thankful for every single one of you.  

Thank YOU so much, it means the world universe to me!  And to my potential new readers, I hope to see you back!

Oh, and before I go, I want to share the last goal that will continue to be a resolution daily, and yearly.  The one that we hear too often, but it's the overall rule to live by:

To just better myself.  Be a better Mother, friend, family member, stranger, worker...PERSON. Be more humble and thankful.  Because if you're not growing, your dying.

So 2011, welcome and nice to finally meet you. 


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