Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Have I told You Lately

that I love.........my j crew pants that I splurged on!  These are the sweatpants that can be worn with heels...I have worn them with those as well as over-the-knee boots, and even uggs.  I love them!

I actually got them after waiting several weeks and they were a tad too big.  I had to wait until after Christmas and call the store's helpline twice, for them to look in every warehouse and store for the smaller size!  I finally received them and they are nice and thick, comfy and warm.  Although, again it brings me back to the is "you get what you pay for" always true....maybe I have been unlucky so far, but there are loose threads sticking out of the hem.  It isn't falling apart or anything, but they aren't perfect, I'm almost scared to wash them. 

Anyway, I got home after a grueling, traffic filled, hour and a half commute (when it's 25 minutes at the MOST, without traffic) at 7:30, and I just can't look at anymore lights or computers.  So I'm gonna have to do some outfits tomorrow.

In the meantime, here are a couple birthday pictures featuring my lil man:

 See my lipstick and nailpolish above? I am pretty pleased with both and will be reviewing them soon.

Well, that's it folks!  I'm watching my man Obama.  Are you watching history?

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