Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Outfit Spicing

Happy Wednesday!  Today, (and hopefully every Wednesday coming up), I am going to answer a reader's question in regards to an outfit, fashion in general, how to's, what accessories to pair with what, etc.  Please feel free to email me (email to the right) with any questions!

And now I introduce the beautiful woman behind this idea, Angela.

Angela wrote me last week stating that she thought of me when she put on this outfit because she thought it was just so simple and boring, and she wished I was there to help.  As  I mentioned yesterday, Angela is a new mom.  When you're a new mom, you're in this weird spot with clothing.  You are losing your weight, but not quite back to what you were.  You definitely miss getting dressed up, since you have been wearing the same 5 pieces of maternity clothes for 9 months, but you still feel like nothing fits- and to be honest, getting dressed can be very frustrating!  But you gotta remember, behind every cute outfit, there is a simple outfit that had some potential.  Every simple outfit can be done up in so many different ways!   Because these look like they are boot cut pants, I would wear tall boots or either pointy flats or round flats, but not in between.  In order to spice up this outfit, I would have added brown boots, a maroon or yellow scarf, and either a vest or cardigan with a blazer on top.

Are you thinking, 'hold up?! did she say brown boots with those black pants?'  And the answer is yes, I did, but black boots work too.  See how Jentine from My Edit pulled it off:

Note: you don't always have to be matchy matchy with colors!
Also note: Play around with your blazers and cardigan, layer up the colors you woudln't have thought of before, add a scarf or belt.  See what  you can pull!
Tip: Write down in a notebook cute outfits that you have put together for future inspiration and ideas of how to mix it up!

Here are some more ideas:

Mix match all those outfits, compare them with what you have.  See that black and brown make a great couple (especially with gray)!  Think about your belts, scarves, hats (beanies), and coats.  I feel like I haven't been much of a help, but I hope I have!  Feel free to give me feedback, and pleeasse, please, feel free to ask me your own questions and send your own pics!  Goodnight ya'll!  And thanks again Angela :)

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