Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Title Coming Soon

It's late!  I just watched The Black Swan, I wasn't pressed.  But I can respect the film for many reasons too.

Anyway, tomorrow I'm going to be having my first, official question and answer series with my readers/friends/strangers etc.!  I don't know what to call this little Q&A session, so any title suggestions are welcomed! (for example, Jentine, from My Edit has a "Thrift Thursdays" where she will go over thrifting tips).  Ever since I started doing more fashion on my blog, more people have started to approach me and say things such as how they were going to approach me to ask me _____.   I really love it and get so excited, even when a guy asks me to help them shop! I love the feeling of someone taking the time to approach me and ask me something (therefore trusting my word/opinion) on fashion.  I love it.  Anyway, tomorrows q&a, I will be telling my beautiful, 'new mama' friend Angela on how to spruce up a simple outfit. Maybe I will have an outfit post too.  Regardless, I hope to see you tomorrow!

Mina and Devin

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