Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Long Day Play

I have several outfits from last week I wanted to share, as well as today's... and my mr.mans who, once again, is taking lessons from his mama on style.  See below (but keep in mind that I save best for last).

I apologize that you can't accurately see the color of my boots.  They are maroon, and they're timbs!  They look more combat bootish, but are all man made materials.  The leather is super soft, the rubber looks like it was a million bucks.  I don't know if it's supposed to be an eco friendly thing or what, but there was something special about them.  Many thought they were ugly, but I got a lot of compliments on them today.  I love them!  They were $30 from Gabriel Brothers.

Favorite Thrift Find:

I'm not sure you can accurately see the shimmers of gray and barely-there-electric-blue  in this vintage Ann Taylor vest, but it might just be one of my favorite thrifting finds.  It was $7.50 (on sale at a pricier second hand clothing store, cuz no one else seemed to want it).  Also, these are my fancy $50 j. crew lounge sweatpants that I ordered.  I loooove them!  They are super warm.  I must say though, I'm already getting loose threads and those little lint balls in between my thighs- and that was after wearing them on the first day.  Do you really get what you pay for??  Not completely convinced yet.

Oh, you fancy huh?

I love wide leg jeans.  I wore this after I wore a very casual outfit the previous day.  Once I realized I don't take as much advantage of the ability to wear jeans to work, I decided to make an outfit with a mix of casual, cute, and work dressy.  I guess it's mostly in the shirt.  Anything with ruffles like that reminds me of "work clothes."  Oh, and I used to be really weird about mixing blues with jeans, but I'm starting to really enjoy it and accept it. 

 No Namer

 A little bit about this outfit...I had been wanting to wear it for a while, but it's been way cold.  Finally I sucked it up and wore this extra long J. Crew tunic that I got thrifted.  I actually wore it with a charcoal gray legging, but everything else was the same.  Except, in this picture the tunic looks a little hoochie and short, I promise it isn't.  And I guess the pictures don't do it much justice, but I felt cute in a preppy way.

Best Below

 Here is my main man.  Yes, that is a tear under his eye.  He was not thrilled to take photos but quickly got over it when I handed him his book.  He loves flipping through books!  And now, he babbles like he's reading, it's so cute!  I just wanted to share this cute little vintage child scarf I found and had to get.  It has little pockets on the bottoms with buttons, so you can button each end together.  I can't get over how cute it is!  I want to find moreeeee.  Geez I love vintage stuff....and my little man who makes these clothes look so cute.

p.s.  I woke up super early.  Going to bed early was well worth it.  I would like to do the same tonight, but I'm watching "The Social Network."  I really like it so far!  Sorry if my post is scatter brained!

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