Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Years Part 2

Oh yeah! I wanted to share this dress I got from H&M.  I wore this on the eve of new years eve.  Maxi dresses are very "in" right now, and I always have loved them, but also had a hard time imagining what I would pair it with especially in this cold winter weather.  But, I threw on my handy dandy rough boots (that I pair with girly items for a nice balance).  p.s. I definitely hate heels with a maxi dress, maybe I'm the only one but I couldn't do it.  Oh, and to add a little spice (and shape), I added a leopard print sash and tied it like a obi belt.  I was hesitant it would look like a bit much, but it was cute and definitely added a little shazam to the outfit.

leopard dress: h&m ($20- it was on sale from $40)
leopard sash/scarf: thrifted, ($5)
black zip up: f21 ($4)
earrings: gifted
zigi soho meena boots: dsw, ($20)

Back to New Years Eve

 muuuscclleee maaaannnnn.  I always hated my arms growing up because they were always cut.  I swear I'm not even flexing.  BUT, in my 20s so far, they have been, not cut.  Until now!  Thanks to Devs heavy ass.

I loved this outfit!  It was so perfect for new years.  How lucky was I that I found that top at the thrift store that day??  The coloring is perfect.  And my pants??  They are the most perfect material.  They are super soft, and best of all, they don't wrinkle and cat hair doesn't stick to it! w00t w00t!

blazer: h&m ($15)
sequin tank: thrifted, ($5)
silky urban outfitters pants: gabriel brothers ($3- no lie!)
 boots: thrifted, ($10)

Are you starting to wonder where I shop with all these amazing "thrifted" items? I'm so selfish, I almost don't want to tell....*le sigh* I get most of them from Goodwill, Salvation Army, and now Mustard Seed.  Mustard Seed is a shop in Bethesda, right across my job (so so so bad for my pockets!).  They are picky with the clothes they buy from people, but I love going there.  I've come to the realization that  love shopping way more when I'm looking at used clothes.  It's so much more fun for some reason.  I guess it's the unexpected finds.  I feel like I love the pieces a lot more when I buy them used.  They're always more interesting, I don't know.

Anyway, I wanted to also share my make-up, which definitely completed my look.  I was super careful about putting on the makeup.  Of course, Urban Decay's primer potion was a must for the eyeshadow.  I basically did a gold/browns smokey eye. I feel that I'm usually not successful when I do this, but for whatever reason, I do think it turned out nice this time.  I didn't really think at the time of my pics to take a picture with my eyes shut for you to see the eyelids, but these are all I've got:

 Oh, and the lipstick was new as well, but it is the perfect nude pink.  Nudes are always a win win with any smokey eye look.  This lipstick is Angel from Mac.

So that's that! I hope you enjoyed the looks and got some inspiration to find great items for cheap. 


  1. Keep e'm coming! Great job finding great deals!

  2. LOL BTW the security work that it made me type to post was "pinga" LMAO!

  3. Your eye make up is on point. flawless, I love it. and what's the deal with Devin? get him into some modeling already! Also, I'm ALWAYS at Mustard Seed :) wanna go together? I feel like we need to hang out more this year missy! Oh, and I miss the "homey/apartment/furniture" posts!