Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I wanted to get a lot accomplished today, but I woke up awfully late and didn't get anything done today.  Not a thing.  Tomorrow will be more productive, and hopefully I will make up for todays chillin'.  I haven't done outfit posts for a while, so I wanted to share some outfits that were worn over the weekend:

 #1- wide leg lovin'

I absolutely love wide legged pants, and always have.  There is such a classic, feminine feeling to them. 

striped shirt: F21 ($15)
gray shirt: thrifted ($2)
black pants: thrifted ($5)
belt: thrifted ($2)

#2- Grey Poupon

My body looks weird in these pics, and the pics also don't do the outfit much justice, at all.  I really need to get a better camera asap!  I already picked which one I want ;p (hello Nikon ds3000).  Anyway, this outfit with a jacket and sunglasses is way cuter, trust.

grey cardigan: f21, old ($17?)
mustard dress: thrifted ($4)
belt: thrifted, but brand new dockers belt ($3)
brown tights: f21 ($6)
Steven (by Steve Madden) taupe booties: ross ($20)

#3: Remix

 Kind a weird/funky outfit.  Probably not a lot of peoples cup of tea.  I honestly just threw something together.  My "shirt" was actually an awkward length h&m dress that I was going to alter.  I decided to try and obviously, the first thing I did was cut it.....too short! I was so pissed at myself.  And then I was going to hem the line to clean it up, and couldn't find the power source to the sewing machine.  So I just said f it, threw it on with some leggings and my cardigan and boots and headed out.  When I was about to leave the house, Michael said I looked pretty, but when he was more than half awake, he saw the outfit and said "what are you wearing?!"  lol

urban outfitters cardi: from Gabriel Brothers ($4)
h&m dress-made-shirt: thrifted ($6)
leggings: f21 ($8)
zigi soho "meena" boots: dsw, ($30)

Well, today wasn't much of a good picture day either.  But, it's late and in order to be productive, I need to wake up at a decent time, so let me get my butt to bed.  night!


  1. I LOVE these outfits! The shoes in the second outfit are so cute with the tights. What do you think about nude hose? Some people hate them but I think they can work really well in an outfit.

  2. Adorable! Red is a great color on you. And I envy your beautiful hair! :-)

    I'm a momma blogger too!