Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween Post

How was your Halloween weekend??  I was super excited to take Dev trick or treating and I really wanted to dress up and go to a party, but that didn't happen.  Taking Dev trick or treating was rushed, but still fun (and quite the workout!).  I dressed him up as a pumpkin, because I was easily able to put a coat underneath it.  He loved seeing the other kids and grabbing at the candy in the bowls.  Here are some pics:

And before trick or treating (I was an impromptu George Washington):

And our festive, daytime Hallowear (tee-hee):

 scarf: ?, prob around $6
cardigan: thrifted, $4
black tank: F21 ($4)
black Ann Taylor LOFT crop pants: thrifted, $16

So you see, you can dress up for holidays and still be chic.  I loved my outfit, and let's give Dev some credit for his cuteness too :)  Hope you had a happy Halloween! 

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