Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Three Outfits, One Post

I really sucked at blogging the previous week because I had a lot going on, so I hope this kinda makes up for it.  I also am going to do a "favorite guy outfits" and several other posts that had been requested.  I hope you guys have a great week!

p.s. sorry for the quality of the pictures, they are all from my iphone because I can't find my battery charger (grrr!):

Oufit #1:

I love this outfit.  This burnt orange/coral cardigan was such an amazing find.  I really wear it often, out of all the clothes I've gotten recently, and it goes with so much more than I ever imagined. I originally bought the skit because I loved the hue of the blue and figured I'd have to rework it, but I just used a safety pin for the meantime and it worked lovely.

cardigan: thrifted, ($4)
black tank: F21, ($4)
vintage blue skirt: thrifted, ($4)\
booties: DSW by Me Too, ($40)

Outfit #2:

 I also really love this outfit.  I just threw it together Friday night when I decided to run to TJ Maxx to get Dev some pajamas.  I hadn't worn chucks in a while, I just love them with wide pants or trousers.
red jacket: F21 ($20)
scarf: F21 ($8)
blue sweater: F21 ($8)
khakis: h&m, old ($16?)
chuck taylors: ($33)

Outfit #3

 I reeeeeeaalllyyyy dislike the way I look in the first pic.  We did a million re-dos but in all I looked bug eyed.  I was super excited about these shorts when I saw them at Old Navy, and then when I found out they were half off $4!  I had been waiting to wear patterned tights but have to admit, I am not too good at figuring out what to wear with them- but this outfit seemed to work.  I threw on the capelet later in the day when it was even more chilly out.
white capelet: old navy ($15)
gray shirt: F21 ($9)
khaki shorts: old navy, ($2)
belt with gold sequins: F21 ($6)
brown patterned tights: F21 ($5)
steve madden boots: ($40)

I tried to post this posting last night, but I was so super tired I could not do it.  I have the rest of the week planned out post wise, and I also made a haul vlog this weekend, but still have to edit it.  Anyway, be sure to check out the blog the rest of the week! 

Bonus Dev picture from today:


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