Thursday, November 11, 2010

Great News!

If any of you already peaked at my blog today, you may have noticed the extra page that says, "Personal Style Consulting," which is one of my two of announcements, but keep reading!!

Personal Style Consulting-
I'm going to be brief since it will all be under that part of the page.  But, I have helped people work with what they have in their closet by putting outfits together with them, organizing their closet, and done some personal shopping.  First it was a trial/error thing, and I decided to post my services on Craigslist- as you all know, the thing I do best is find clothes for cheap, so that was probably the most enticing part and the reason why I got responses.  People automatically think, "I would love this, but there's no way I can afford it!" and because I love it soooo much, I have no problem making it possible for that person.

Long story short, between working with a client, no longer working from home and starting a new job (with a long commute), caring for a baby, maintaining a blog AND doing this on the side, I got pretty nervous that I was overdoing it.  But then when I mustered up energy to venture out and find some pieces for my client, I can't even tell you the joy I felt!  You know the feeling of giving someone a gift you know they'll love? It's that times a million, PLUS the hunt, and more importantly, the fact I am helping someone.  Explaining why this shoe would go with that shirt hanging in that persons closet, always come so natural and I absolutely love it.  Moral of story: Don't hesitate to ask me for help, even if you live elsewhere.  I will work with your budget!

Spot On Vintage-
I'd like to also announce the grand opening of Spot On Vintage (at SpottieOtties) on Etsy!!  I have been toying with the idea of a vintage store on etsy with knick knacks. But seeing as how I find cute vintage items that anyone can work with and look like today's trends (that means you, person who's thinking 'yeah right, I would never wear vintage.'), and how my blog has a lot of fashion related posts, a vintage store is in order.

Long story short again, the shop is going to have clothing items, shoes, accessories like belts, purses, jewelry, and little things for around your home.  A lot of these vintage stores you find are overpriced, and I am going to be fair with my prices.  I am also going to alter/tailor some of the items for a more up to date look.  For example, I keep finding a lot of awesome vintage skirts made of good material and with GREAT colors, but they could use a little trim and they would be perfect!!  Lastly, I am going to post tips and ideas on what to pair the item with (that's how I know something will work for you, even if you may doubt it at first).  I already have a lot, it just takes time to take pictures and post them! 
p.s. if I find over time that it isn't really a success, then I will probably stop.

So that's all for now folks!  I'm super excited for these new ventures, and I will keep you updated!

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