Sunday, September 26, 2010

Happy Sunday!

Man oh man.  There is just not enough time in the day.  I have a million things to do these days and on top of it, am seriously sleepy way too early.  I need to start exercising for some energy!  Anyway, I have a bunch of laundry and cleaning to get to before the football game, so I am going to leave with you my new discovery/want/must have/hopefully getting today obessesion: hot pink lipstick.

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Yowzers! After seeing so many pics, I realized it wouldn't be so hard to pull off.  The trick is, to be wearing something clean and simple.  Black or white would be perfect with a sleek bun.  But check out that girls burnt orange outfit?  I addooorree it!!!

Well my dears, I will try to make time to run to a sephora so I can try to find the perfect hot pink, I will let you know if I am happy with my find!! Hope you have a Happy Sunday and a great week!

p.s. fall is hereeee woohoo!

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  1. saw a girl with hot pink lipstick today and it looked REALLY good. I have a feeling that it looks good on most skin tones. I think I'm gonna give it a try :)