Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Usually, when I go to Goodwill on Tuesday's for their 15% or whatever percentage off of clothes they have on Tuesdays, their "customer appreciation days," I am rummaging the racks for my next vintage or high end clothing find. Yesterday, however, since there were so many people rummaging through the clothing racks, I didn't feel like really dealing with it.  I actually avoid going on Tuesdays, which sucks price wise, but oh well.

So anyhow, I rummaged the dishes/odd and ends section instead, which I never do while I'm there. I really need a cute china cabinet to display cute dishes I find.  There are so many beautiful retro dishes out there that I'd love to display and have.  But for now, I will show you what I got away with getting last night:

 I couldn't resist this vintage mug.  I love mugs of this small size, they are perfect for tea on rainy, fall days.  It was only $1 or so.  The iphone pic didn't accurately capture the color, but it is more of a brownish/gray color.

 I have been wanting one of these things for a while, you know, in case I ever host a brunch (which seems like it will never happen for some reason).  Anyhow, I have wanted one of these vintage whatever-they're-called, to put milk or OJ in for guests for morning breakfast.  Or, if I ever get my guest room together, I could fill it water and a glass on a tray next to their bed side table.  Ahh, to dream. 

 I couldn't resist this vintage Hobby Holly (is that what she's called?) frame.  I had the bed spread of her when I was a little (still have and use the pillow case), and loved it.  It always reminded me of my moms younger days.  I couldn't resist buying this little frame in case I ever have a little girl of my own.  It's too precious.

Lastly, I finally found another cute little bowl for jewelry to be thrown into from a long day of work.  I loved the orange with the blue and gold accents.  Too bad it was the only one.  How could I resist?

Oh, and lastly for real now, I wanted to share my latest nails.  I used those Sally Hansen Nail strips, (I thought I had talked about them before, but I just did a search on my blog and for some reason can't find it), this one was called "bamboo."  I never see this one in the stores, and it's not even on their website, I am wondering if they have discontinued it, but I really love my nails and have gotten several compliments.  My left hand is totally screwed though, and I didn't put on top coat, which I obviously should have.

Oh!  And have you tried the magnum bars??? I hear they are amazing, especially the caramel one.  But every time I go to cop some, those joints be sold out. This is the dark chocolate one, which I craved even more than a Georgetown Cupcake.  Wow.  Definitely try them!

Hope you have a happy Wednesday!

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  1. The OJ thingy is called a carafe (don't ask me how to pronounce it I always get it wrong! lol) pretty nails too. Oh and I noticed at WalMart the other night that they have the magnum bars- my hubby had an Ice Cream craving the other night so we stopped at Walmart since it was the only think open! They are soooo good!