Friday, August 5, 2011

Happy Friday!

So, yesterday, I rushed home to hurry and try to take a picture so that I could change into comfy clothes (and I got home late mind you), and I moved all of this stuff on the deck to try to get a couple nice pics, I take A picture, go to my camera to adjust the height bc I didn't like the turn out of said picture because of the angle, and the camera dies.  I didn't know where the charger was, and I just wanted to change so badly.

Alas, I decided to deal with the one picture I had.  Unfortunately, I don't think the picture does the outfit a lot of justice.  When I paired this outfit together, I was really very proud of myself.  I would have never pictured the two colors together, but somehow I did, made it work, and was very proud.  So again, I know the outfit seems kinda 'meh,' but I was proud.  Here it is:

gray blazer- f21 ($18)
green gap tank- thrifted, ($2)
banana republic belt- thrifted, ($6)
ann taylor skirt- thrifted, ($5)
black nine west shoes- sale, ($40)

Do you have any plans this weekend? Oh, I gotta show you this vintage bracelet I got this week that I absolutely love.  I was wearing it with the outfit yesterday, and it looked very nice, I wish I was wearing it for the pics.

Anyway, have a great weekend ya'll!  Hopefully next week, I'll have more outfits to share.

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