Friday, August 26, 2011


I hate jersey shore

I hate Sammy shes so stupid i cant take it.

I started this blog last night after the show, and after they showed previews for the show that will air this Sunday before the VMA's.  Truth is, I don't hate the show, but it is my guilty pleasure.  I can't stand Sammy and how stupid she is though.

In other news, I bought these pants from Mustard Seed the day after the earthquake.  They were only $8 and from gap.  I especially LOVE the color, but you can't really see the richness of the color in these photos. They are this beautiful, dark green color.  I can't wait to wear them with boots too.  Crazy part though, they are size 6 in gap, which means I really might be a size 8 at this point.  A little scary.  I need to cool it on the magnum bars.

We tried different lighting, but the pants look even darker in the photos below.  I really need to learn to utilize all that I can do with an slr camera.

I just like that I actually look kinda skinny in these last couple of photos.

blue shirt- old f21, ($13)
gap pants- thrifted, ($8)
steve madden heels- macys, ($30)
Anyhow.  Are you guys on the east coast prepared for the hurricane?  They evacuated the beach (Ocean City, MD) in my state.  Crazy!  Do I think the world is coming to an end?  Kinda....Yeah, I might be one of "those."  Anyway, stay safe and have a great weekend homies!

Appreciate what you got and try to enjoy the rainy days with some cuddling and reading.


  1. Only $30 for your Steve Madden heels- what a deal! (:
    I actually did a post on a recent Steve Madden purchase and I would love if you could check it out!