Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Penny for Your Thought

What up peeps?  How was your Monday?  Mine was alright, had a long trip to Target last night.  Other than that, here is yesterday's outfit:

Also, Michael surprised me with DOMO!!!!

Me being excited (even though I look like a heffer, for real):

banana button up: thrifted, ($4)
old navy tee: thrifted, ($3)
black maxi skirt: currently in old navy for $30, but I bought thrifted ($4)
sandals: jc penny, gift from my mama
f21 belt: ($6)

I was super excited when I saw this skirt at goodwill, because I had been wanting a black maxi skirt, AND this skirt is currently $30 from from Old Navy!  I wonder why someone gave it away already, but you know what they say, one mans trash is another mans treasure.  Holla!

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