Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Beauty in Iran

I had a fun night on Pinterest all night. I stumbled upon some pictures of beauty in Iran, and unbeknownst to me, Elizabeth Taylor had actually once visited Iran.  There were beautiful pictures of her visiting, so I wanted to share. 

Here is just a black and white photo of Iran in the 60s (you may remember the ones I had once posted here):

 Elizabeth Taylor, Iran 1976:

*le sigh*

I will most definitely have an outfit pic for you tomorrow.  I'm about to make my trek to my closet so that I can, stare at my clothes for hours and try things on, take them off hangers, run downstairs and grab this shoe or that, stare at myself some more, take off and put on more clothes, arrange said clothes in stacks, until I am satisfied with what I want to wear the next day.  Yes, I do this (no, not for hours).


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