Thursday, August 18, 2011

do the jane fonda

aka be a hero.  That woman looks AMAZING!  She's freakin 70 something and looks like 50!  She's aged extremely well.  That has nothing to do with my post today, but.....just sayin.

I went to the county fair last night.  I only got a few pics, but nothing spectacular.  I may or may not share them.  Anyway, here is Mondays' outfit.  I know, I'm behind!


shirt- f21, old ($13)
pants- some fancy brand, thrifted (fill a bag for $10 sale, so essentially $1)
shoes- target, ($13)

I loooove these pants!  They are a light blue herringbone fabric, high waisted, and wide legged!  And the best part about them being high wasted is that they actually didn't give me granny butt!  I love them!!  I was overall very pleased with my outfit.

How has your week been?  Cam you believe it's almost fall already? This summer flew by!

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