Tuesday, June 7, 2011

What it do?

I had my outfit planned last night before bed, and I must say, I really loved today's simple outfit.  First of all, my shirt is one of my favorites.  I love the material, and I love gray shirts, especially ones that have those little dots of other colors, do you know what I'm talking about?  I tried messing with one of the pictures to better show you, but you can't really tell.

Anyhow, you are probably going to see these jeans I'm wearing often (when I wear jeans), because let me tell you, I don't fit into hardly any of my jeans or other pants.  Sure, I stuff my face with ice cream every night almost on a daily basis, but at least my face isn't getting fat?  Regardless, besides the fact that I do need to tone up, I am pretty happy with my body right now.

And for the office AC:
pink cardi: h&m, ($6)
gray lucky brand shirt: lucky, ($6)
jeans: genetic brand (haven't heard of that), ($16)
heels: target sale ($13)

As for my shoes, I've had them for a couple months now but have been scared they'd be super uncomfortable.  I finally decided to give them a go today, and brought a backup pair just in case.  They were pretty comfortable, and I got several compliment.  Definitely a steal for the price.

So that's about it!  Hope I threw some inspiration your way.

p.s. check back tomorrow, I'm going to be announcing a giveaway!


  1. I think you look great :). I wish I had the confidence to wear a t'shirt with an outfit like that!