Sunday, June 26, 2011


I won't get into unecessary detail, but I had a great Saturday night/Sunday morning with my parents.  I got little sleep, but I woke up feeling a very spiritual feeling, this overwhelming feeling of loving everyone.  I put on fb, "just one of those days where you feel like you love everyone so, so, so much you don't know what to do."  Have you ever felt that? I'm definitely not exaggerating when I say it's overwhelming.  A more simpler way to put the feeling, though, is just feeling a whole bunch of appreciation. 

Anyhow, Friday after work, I had nothing to do and went to the mall.  I ended up going to several stores with great sales.  I originally went for Zara's sale, but gap, and even j. crew of all places had better sales going on.  I ended up getting my FAVORITE weekend lounge sweatpants that I've been wanting from j. crew (remember my winter version?) and my favorite belts from there that I have had my eyes on lately.  The sweatpants were like $70, but were knocked down to $20 and 30% off.  Done! 

I also had enough time to browse different stores for different prices on hats.  Ended up getting them from Nordstroms, but I got two, along with a cute skirt for $13 bucks, not bad. 

 See the tiny braid? (below)
straw hat: nordstroms, ($18)
white shirt: thrifted, ($4)
j crew belt: j crew ($9, originally $22)
j. crew shorts: j crew ($10, originally $50)
sandals: target ($22)

I really loved my outfit!  The night version of this outfit was minus shorts plus j. crew lounge pants.  

I'm overall very pleased with the way my summer outfits have been turning out.  On extremely hot days, it's hard for me to usually do anything not-so-basic, and while I def appreciate my lazy/comfy outfits on the weekend, I'm proud of myself for continuing to try different things (in this example, long sleeves in summer- don't think I would have tried that before).

That's enough for tonight, hope you have a very happy Monday tomorrow!

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