Monday, June 20, 2011

Camp Love

I stopped by my friend's camp the other night, I was finnin for a s'more.

And I needed not be, to be honest.  I am gaining weight, and I can't stop eating Ben N Jerrys at night, but I think it's starting to become a little too obvious.   I was ok prob, at least 3 pounds ago?  I was happy I gained more weight (as I usually love thicker more than thinner), but it's also bikini season, so I could afford to at least starting a healthier regime.

Anyway, here's the hippie campin night pic:

 For real, for real though, I really do wanna go camping in early September...

 And comfy, rainy Monday's outfit:

Ghostface killa:
gap button down: thrifted, ($4)
red tee- gab bros. ($2)
j. crew pants- j crew ($50)
bakers shoes: thrifted, ($8)

We had some type of false fire alarm at work today, and everyone gathered outside for about 25 minutes, so that was the excitement for my day.  Hey, at least I was comfy, and I really like my outfit, looking back on it!  It was a good day.


  1. Damn you look HOT here! Don't lose any more weight at all, you're still skinny but you're right, thicker is better!