Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Classic Chic

I got to wear pants before it got super hot.  And a long sleeve! I never used to wear long sleeves if it was more than 80 degrees outside.  But, my style has evolved and I"m getting ready to try new things. 

I got one extra day of pants fit in (today), even though it's supposed to be 89 degrees.  It's already hot as hell out there.  The rest of the week is supposed to be 97+ UUGGGHHH. I'm not ready for this.  The humidity here is just as bad as Florida, so it's hot as shit.

Anyway, here are yesterday's outfit pics:

white shirt: thrifted f21 ($4)
j brand jeans: gabriel brothers, ($20)
bcbg heels: ross (old) ($14)

p.s. These are the most comfy heels in life! I love them.  They are 4 years old too :)

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