Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Gimme S'More

Jaunt from yesterday
Do I look too grandma-ish?
'like the colors, though

Do you like my haiku?  Heeyyy!! I just remembered, I one day posted all these haikus on my first real blog, my blog at Myspace.  I should go back and read those entries sometime...

On that note, here's yesterdays outfit:

excuse the wrinkles, it wasn't like that all day.  But I should have known when I had to iron the skirt twice(!!!) before even wearing it (in less that 24 hours).

I apologize for the subtle remote.  It works so great from afar!  (Really though, I think maybe just the remote batteries are low/dying)

Yeah, I know, I look thrilled.

And just for laughs:
dark coral cardi: thrifted, ($5)
white old navy tank: gab bros., ($2)
Anthro/Urban outfitter skirt: gab. bros ($8)
nine west sandals: macys, (gifted)

lololol at my still face and twirling bottom, another thrilled one.

Do you think I look too granny-ish, though?  Is the skirt a tad bit too long? I've been wanting a skirt with a longer length hem.  How do you think it looks?  I think the shoes helped modernize the outfit, right? I really love these shoes, I can mix them with almost anything! Oh, and my title is stemmed from the simple fact that I had a s'more right before writing this post.  Clearly, the "diet" is going well.

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