Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Vintage Vixen

(lolz, that title is a joke).

I wore this beautiful dress today that I was so excited to take pictures for.  But as soon as I came home, one thing led to another (you know, cooking, picking up, putting Dev to bed), and by the time I was ready to take a picture, I look in the mirror and the dress is all jacked up and wrinkled.  Learned myself a lesson there....

So as disappointing as that was, I'll have to debut it another day, which will be soon anyway.  For now, I'll show you my favorite, real vintage dress that I bragged about in a previous post.  I absolutely love it!

vintage dress- thrifted/sidewalk sale for Venus on the Half Shell
yellow belt: thrifted, ($2)
steve madden shoes- macys, ($36)

Excuse my nails in the above picture.  Unacceptable, I know.  Although, hopefully you didn't even notice them until I pointed them out.  Anyhow, this dress by itself may seem very old fashioned looking.  I imagine that a lot of people would be very hesitant to wear this dress, including me a year or so ago.  But, I felt I did a good job of modernizing this dress with the appropriate shoes.  A lot of shoes could have worked, but I really loved the way these shoes played out.  Shoes can be such a vital part of changing an outfit.  And how perfect was that yellow belt that I had thrown on?  Back to the dress, I love how the little tie comes down in the front.  And the yellow and white stripes!  I truly love this dress and am so thankful I found it, and that it fit me.

The day I got this dress, I actually got a ton of vintage stuff, a lot of which you will hopefully see soon.

I hope you had a happy Tuesday!  At least today wasn't Monday :) 

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