Monday, May 23, 2011

Tuned Stay

My poor little man hasn't been feeling very well. Since Thursday night, he's had a stomach virus.  I wanted one more day of rest for him before he went back to the sitter's, mainly because last night he was seemingly weak.

Anyway! It's freakin hot over here.  We went from a bunch of rain, 60s-70s weather, to hot-as-shit-86-degrees with 3453% humidity.  I browsed my blog today and saw a bunch of pant or capri outfits.  Thus, the heat + change = some skirt or dress outfits.

Besides that, I want to review some beauty products from recent purchases.  So stay tuned and check back.  Remember, if anyone has any questions or want some advice, (you can be anonymous if you'd like) let me know!

p.s. I created a tumbler that can be found here.  I know thats like a blog and another blog, but I don't look at tumblr that way.  I liked having a space that I can share beautiful pictures and things that interest me.  I hope you like my tumblr too!

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