Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Day After Day

Day after day, I look at my daily page hits and feel bad when I know you have come to my page, only to be disappointed! Besides being busy, I haven't been "in love" with my outfits. 

But this time has been a learning experience of sorts to me.  I've kinda realized over this time, that not everyday has to be something spectacular.  There are gonna be lots of boring, plain days, especially in the summer!

But at the end of the day, it still is all my style, and I like to share it.  So I will continue to do so.  In fact, I was going to today, but I forgot my hot pink heels at work- and trust me, they were vital for the outfit.  Anyway, I decided to draw you a little something something instead:

I just couldn't stand the idea of sabotaging the shoes....

green button up silk shirt from j. crew- goodwill, ($5)
white beater- old navy, ($6)
black harem pants: f21 ($21)
hot pink patent stilettos- aldos from salvation army ($7)

The black pants can also be seen here

That's all for tonight! I hope that I have somewhat made up for the lack of posts.  Boring or not, I'll see you soon.

p.s. I got my warby parkers finally!  (inally meaning I finally had the money, the shipping was just two days!)  Can't wait to show you!

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