Thursday, May 20, 2010

Which is Your Favorite Get Green Video??

Did you know that 80% of what people throw away can be recycled?  But, the recycling rate is only 28%.  How sad is that?  I stumbled upon this fact at

Planet Connect is a non profit, social networking organization that teaches students about current environmental issues, funding opportunities, green colleges, and environmental careers.  Not only do students learn about different green issues, they can also easily share and exchange ideas.  The site also has volunteer oppurtunities you can find around your area.  I highly recommend checking it out.  Remember, any little thing you do can make a difference!

Recently, Planet Connect made a video contest, called Get Green, that allowed people to create their own videos on how anyone can get green.  The prizes included, macbook, iPad, and other great stuff!  Now Planet Connect has put the top 10 finalists (out of 120 videos!) on their youtube channel.  Help them decide on which brilliant contestant should win by clicking on the video (which brings it to the posters channel) and giving the video a thumbs up.  The video with the most thumbs up scores will have a better chance of winning.

They were all really creative, a lot were funny, and all were informative.  It was a hard pick, but I really loved Video #3!  That's the one I gave my thumbs up to :)  Which is your favorite?? Click the youtube channel link to decide.

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