Friday, May 28, 2010

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

Today at my job, we did a "movie character turned celebrity look-a-like" day.  Can you guess who I was?

Mia Wallace from Pulp Fiction (aka Uma Thurmans character).  I was wearing black pants turned capris and this shirt, and of course, a wig.  I loved it and had fun!  I won 3rd place.  Hunter S. Thompson was first place, Molly Shannon of Superstar won second (she found her clothes all at goodwill!), and me, third.

What are you doing this Memorial Day weekend? I wanted to go to the beach but I am not comfortable leaving Devin for a whole day, night, and half the next day.  I have had an extremely stressful weekend, and am hoping to relax as much as possible this weekend.

I have good news for myself, which should be a cause to celebrate tonight (but we gotta save)......we got the house we wanted!!! Now we gotta hope everything else goes through as far as the loan, inspection, and whatever else.  I'm really excited though!  Hope you have a great weekend!

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