Friday, May 14, 2010


I have some exciting news....

I am on the hunt for a house! I never thought this day would come.  Of course there is no guarantee of anything working out for a very long time, but we will see, keep our hopes up (but not too high), and keep in mind that whatever happens in the end is meant to be.

I am just super excited to not only own a home, but decorate it the way that I want, cook for people, not waste money on rent, have a garden, and of course, watch Devin grow up in the home.  People actually get very attached to their homes (have you seen that Realty Intervention show on HGTV?).

Now, I know there are the down sides too, like repairs are on us, mortgage could get tough, the stress of buying in the first place, and whatever else. But, again, I'll have to keep reminding myself that whatever is meant to happen will!  Please wish me luck in the meantime.

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