Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Iran in the 1970s

When most people think of Iran, I'm sure Muslims, nuclear power, head scarves, and possibly even terrorists come to mind.  I've been to Iran, and I look non-Persian, and I did get treated with the utmost respect.  So many people were beyond generous and kind.  I miss it and want to go back to visit so bad.

Did I have to wear a head scarf?  Yeah, but nothing drastic, imagine a lady in the 50s that wears a scarf on her head for fashion, that is how most wear their scarves there.  But Iran didn't used to be like this...I don't know the specifics of what year, but when the Iranian Revolution occurred and the Shah (King) got kicked out, Ayatollah Khomeini came in, things had to drastically change and Iran became a nation run by Islam.  So many people there long for freedom they never had, and some long for the freedom they used to have.

I remember as a kid, looking at my dads photo albums and being surprised by how chic and stylish everyone dressed.  He would always play movies and point out the ladies in their cute, short mini skirts.  The other day, I was given this link to these pictures of people in Iran in the 1970s, and I have been so excited to share!

This is one of my favs, I love all their outfits, and I kinda like the girl smoking a cig.  The coke bottle you see is still used at most restaurants.

It seems as though these ladies are working.  Notice their big stylish hair, dresses and peacoats.  Love it!

Apprently, this was on a magazine cover and it reads, "Will people of Tehran approve of this style?"  It reminds me of Superwoman, but I kinda like it for back then.

And last, another magazine cover.  I was almost surprised by this picture when I saw it.  What up gladiator sandals!  I'm loving it paired with the plaid dress.  Isn't it funny how this is in style today?

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed! I really love these pictures.  You can find the more of them here.  Thanks Dave for sending me this link!

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