Saturday, May 22, 2010

Happy (pre) Sunday!

I most likely will not be able to do my usual 'Happy Sunday' blog tomorrow.  We will be leaving San Jose at 12 p.m. but won't arrive to the east coast until 12 a.m.  We have a 3 hour layover in Michael's favorite town, Dallas (boooo- I'm a Redskins fan).  On our way here, we stopped in Dallas as well, but basically hopped on the other plane.  It is a big airport though and I even saw a massage place, so maybe it won't be too boring.  But anyhow, I most likely will not be willing to pay $15 or so for the internet, and therefore probably won't have time to post.

California has been a relaxing trip.  I am happy about a few things and will probably blog about them soon.  For now, I will make a short list of different events/things about my trip:

- From Texas to Cali, I was woken up by a white- trash women in front of me shoving her (probably) 2 year old child, telling him to "shut the f up" and "you're such a stupid f'in bitch", then the dad made her switch seats with him and she proceeded in saying "he's so f'in stupid!" I was devastated for that little boy. I was so angry, I almost told the stewardess to call the cops for when we land. It's sad people treat their kids that way.

- Sacramento was relaxing, I got to see pictures of my mom and her family.  A lot of the photos my mom hasn't seen, and I am so excited to show her pictures I took of the photo slides (that turned out pretty nice), and I brought two albums as well.

- We went to the Jelly Belly factory Wednesday.  It was really neat to see everything, the history of jelly beans in general, and can you imagine how good it smelled in there? Hello cavities!

- Thursday, we went to San Jose and relaxed.  I passed out early due to a horrible headache.

- Friday, we did San Fran, went to Haight and Ashbury, and I got Dev a tye-dye onesie and a Grateful Dead t-shirt with the bears!!

- Today, I have just been relaxing and thinking about the house we put our offer on.  We'll find out Monday hopefully if the bank accepted the offer!!

Have a happy Sunday tomorrow!

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