Monday, April 5, 2010

Please Help! Keep Reading...

A friend of mine that I adore, Carolin, is going to Rwanda in a month.  She is one of the hardest working people I know who aspires to help others and works hard to get what she wants.  She recently sent out an email to a couple of her friends (myself included), about a trip to Rwanda.  This trip isn't any trip, a couple of her school mates at George Washington University and Carolin organized and planned this trip, through a foundation called GlobeMed.

The trip is called the Rwanda Village Concept Project (RVCP), and it's goal is to create a Maternal health care educational program for women in Rwanda.  I am in love with this idea and so jealous I cannot attend!  My dream is to take Devin (with my tax money) when he is a little bit older to help out people out in other countries.  I want him to not just realize what we have, but appreciate it as well as learn about other cultures.  It is extremely important to me and I hope that I can make that dream of  mine come true one day.

What I am asking, no, BEGGING you to do, is to click on this link and read about the trip if you wish, or just skip the small details and donate for it!  You all know my steeze and how I am trying really hard to save, but I donated what I could because I know it's for a great cause and I am so excited for Carolin (but girl, if you don't go for some reason, I want that shit back ;p).  Seriously, please, 50 cents, $2, ANYTHING!!  Pass it on to your coworkers that you know have big hearts, your parents, anyone!

Img credit: Tiggy Ridley on flickr

Do the right thing, lovers, and donate what you can. xoxoxo

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