Thursday, April 22, 2010

Owl Lamp

So, I have been wanting to so badly blog about my NY/NJ trip and the few things I got. BUT, the problem is that I have a million and three things going on right now and by the time I can blog, I am tired.

Tonight, however, I decided 'ok it's late, but let me do it.  Let me find my camera so I can do this damn thang!' And of course, I can't locate my camera. So, I decided to just tell you about perhaps my favorite purchase from Chinatown.

I went to this store called Pear River. It's a cute Japanese store in Chinatown that has furniture, lanterns, memo pads, chopsticks, buddhas, sushi dishes, mugs, just anything along those lines and I LOVED it, and so do other people apparently! Not to worry though, the lines weren't long and they have 3 huge floors. Anyway, I wanted to share with you tonight one thing I had to have for Dev:

It's an owl lantern!! So cute! I know you might be like, "....really?" but I assure you it looks cute with the light on, I'll post a pic when I actually put a light bulb in it.  Alas, I had to have it because it's cute and I especially love owls.  Plus, it can't be that bad if Michael didn't complain about it...

P.S. GREAT NEWS! I had to share that I happened to find my sandals that were sold out!

I found them at "Necessary Clothing" in Chinatown for $12.99.  w00t!

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