Monday, July 26, 2010

More Great Finds!

Call me a thrifting whore (you know, like "label whore"...but thrifting whore...) if you will, but I just can't help myself.  I went to Salvation Army to see if I find any great end tables, since last time someone bought the most amazing ones, that won't leave my mind, RIGHT before I walked in.  Would you believe that happened to me again?  As I was approaching this vintage end table, the lady ripped off the tag and took it to the register.  Boooo.  So, I sighed and went to the back where the frames and mirrors are (I am looking for a ugly mirror with wood trim that I can paint white for my renovated half bath), and I see an amazing, big, beautiful globe.  I have been wanting a globe forever, but can never muster up the $30+ bucks for a small one (even at Homegoods, the small ones are pricey).  I couldn't believe it. I was boosted for sure.

Then I looked for a mirror and didn't find one, but I found this print with a beautiful blue, that is going to match the blue accents in the living room I have planned. 

Sorry it's kind of blurry.  But anyway, both of these for $16.  Voila! I should do this for a living, someone should hire me.  Need any help finding something cheap?  Holla!

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