Friday, July 16, 2010

SpottieOtties on Diapers: Pampers vs. Huggies

First, let me just say I give mad props to those who use cloth diapers.  I wish I had taken more time to look into it and make a final decision of cloth versus regular.  If you are a mom to be, I now know there are many great websites that give you tips on cloth diapers.

Before little Dev was born, I had received a couple boxes of Pampers Sensitives at my baby shower.  Since that is what they provided at the hospital, and I had plenty free ones at home, that's what I used for quite some time.  Eventually the time came where I ran out of the diapers I had and it was time to get more.  I was really pleased with the way the Pampers Sensitives smelled, their sticky mechanism, and the overall hold up, but I decided to give the Pampers Dry a try as well.  I thought those held up even better with less leaks.  Next, we tried Pampers Cruisers for my fatboy, and were pleased.

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Now that our wallets are getting thin, and Devin is no longer a newborn with sensitive needs, we decided to give a cheaper alternative a shot.  While we were at Costco, we decided to give Huggies a shot.  The diapers definitely don't have that nice smell to them, and they hold up alright for leaks, but I do have one major complaint.  The Huggies end up smelling sooo much faster.  I mean, Devin will barely pee and it just smells like he's been in it all day. 

So that is my final verdict, I think Pampers are the way to go if you are going to be unfriendly to the environment and not do cloth diapering.  I still have time to give other brands a shot, I will keep you informed.  If you're a Mom, which did you prefer?

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  1. I commented on your fb, but I will say here too. I found cloth diapers were very expensive on my water bill - then tried the pickup service, which was even worse! So then I decided that they just weren't worth the time and effort. We tried the Pampers at first and they didn't fit as well as I'd hoped and leaked a lot - plus he has sensitive skin. So we switched to Huggies. My only complaints about the Huggies (because they DO stop leaks like SO amazing!) is that as he got older I found myself having to jump up a size a lot faster then I thought because they weren't covering his bum all the time. Also, when you leave them in the diaper genie - they stink a lot faster!