Tuesday, July 20, 2010

12 Money Savings Tips

12.  Find and Use Coupons- If you get the newspaper or even the Valupacks in the mail, really go through it and keep the coupons you think you may end up using.  If this is not an option, go to www.coupons.com, put in your zipcode and find local coupons.

11.  Use Coupon Codes for Internet Shopping- Anytime I make a purchase online, I google the store + coupon code.  For example, say I am buying shoes from zappos.com, I will google zappos coupon code, look through the several results, and most likely you will at least find free shipping.

10.  Sign Up for E-mails- If you have an old email that you check sometimes but don't use as your primary email (for example I had yahoo back in the day but now am an avid Gmail user), use your email to sign up for the stores you often have to sign in for to make an online purchase.  Even if you don't utilize the internet for your shopping, if you sign up for emails, you often get sent coupons that you can print and use in store.  I highly recommend using a different email, because you will get emails often.

9.  Put the left over from your paycheck in your savings- When you get paid again, if you have any left over money from your prior paycheck, throw it into your savings.  You'll be suprised at how fast it grows

8.  Get Money Direct Deposited into your Savings- Lots of people say it, if you get direct deposit, deposit $50 or more into your savings from your paycheck.  It may seem like a lot, but you won't miss it.  If it is too much indeed, do $20 or less, the point is doing anything will add up.

7.  Utilize Craigslist and Freecycle- Say you need a cordless phone, some moving boxes, a new dishwasher, some tile to re-do your bathroom floor, maybe a record player, the list can go on.  The point is, you can find all these things on Craigslist and Freecycle for cheap, if not for free.  You can find great deals on materials and appliances especially on Craigslist because often times people have left over materials when they remodel a home.  Their company has often already paid for it, and the workers don't mind extra money so they sell the left over materials for cheap.  As for appliances, with so many foreclosures these days, the people (God bless their heart) who have to go through the foreclosure often times take the appliances and sell them because they are often in need of extra cash themselves.  I once saw a perfect condition, stainless steal dishwasher, fridge, and stove all for $500!

6.  Buy Generic Brand- Some people are picky with foods, but often times a store brand loaf of bread will taste the same as Wonder Bread.  If you are picky about generic food, getting a generic brand of Ibuprofen instead of Advil will end up saving you some dough, and they really are the same thing.

5.  Never buy cosmetics, beauty supplies, or cleaning supplies from a grocery store- My wonderful Mama has taught me great things when it comes to money as I have grown up.  The funny thing is, she told me all the things I know now when I was way too little to care, but I remembered them.  One of them was to always buy things like shampoos, conditioners, lotions, soaps, and cleaning supplies from places like Target or Walmart.  At the grocery store, these things are always way overpriced.  Sometimes you can even find good deals on foods at Target and Walmart as well.

4.  Don't buy junk food-  When you are at the grocery store getting your weekly or monthly groceries, try to avoid getting snacks like chips, cookies, or other unnecessary junk.  Yes we all need it sometimes, but maybe allow yourself one item like this per visit.

3.  Make a phone call- Every 6 months, call your phone/cable company and see what deals are available.  Or, let them know that you found a better deal at a competing company, often times you will get a great deal.  Make sure you do this with your credit cards as well, except obviously you are asking for a better APR.

2.  Be Green- And not just on Earth Day.  Be better about turning off the faucet while brushing your teeth and making sure all lights are off when you aren't in the area.  Unplug things like your cell phone charger and turn off your computer.  Use cold water for washing your clothes.  These little things will not only end up saving you money on your electricic and water bills, but you are doing your part in helping the Earth.

1.  Pack a lunch-  At any job I've ever had, it has always amazed me how many people buy food or soda for lunch as much as they do.  Michael used to always want a drink other than water and would buy that or lunch.  One day, I sat down with him and made him calculate the last few two weeks of extra food and drink spending, and he had wasted about $40.  Say you're not even spending that much but maybe $50 a month, that's $600 a year you are wasting.  Plus, all that food you are eating out isn't good for you!

Don't just pack a lunch for work, but if you take a day trip to the beach or an amusement park, it is a good idea to pack some snacks and lunch so you don't buy as much food as you might.  All the food at amusement parks, concerts, or other day trips are usually overpriced.  Granted you will most likely have to go to your car to eat it (as you usually can't bring food in), but hey, we all can use some extra walking.

How do you save some extra dough? Please share your tips!


  1. very good stuff mina...some of the stuff i never really thought of. like googling the store and coupon codes?! never thought of that. - Ilya B.

  2. Awesome blog post.

    I probably save about $100 every Christmas using coupon codes (sometimes they'll even have free priority shipping). Retailmenot.com is my favorite.
    'Groupon' is a sweet daily deal site. One day it will be a $30 restaurant coupon, the next a 75% off massage.
    In college, we signed up for a new cable deal every 6 months - and saved a gazillion dollars doing so.
    And going green is the way to go!!!
    (sorry for dominating your comments)

  3. My quick tips to save money:
    1:always use the self checkout lines and don't swipe a couple items will help your pockets
    2:use self checkout lines in giant and swipe your expensive vegetables/fruit as bananas they are real cheap.