Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Wannabe Toms

Still no Internet at la casa, but I pay a lot for the iPhone monthly, so I might as well utilize all it has to offer! (By the way, I have a like/hate feeling toward Apple).

Anyway, I wanted to share a buy I never saw myself buying.

We were at Target getting a temporary cheapo pot and pan set, among other random house items, and I found myself being drawn to the shoe section. I tried on the Toms replica shoe, and loved it! I had seen the trend (from last summer- but I never knew bout em till recently to be honest) thanks to many new and lovely fashion blogs I follow and thought they were cute, but wasn't sure I was interested in pulling it off. They looked cute and there weren't many, but they were $17 and super comfy!

Black rimmed glasses would be super cute with a messy bun, jean shorts and a cute tank or tee.

Hopefully I'll have internet from tommorrow on for more posts!

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