Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Times Two

I'm posting yesterday's outfit and today's outfits(s?).  It was 85 degrees today, so I wanted to wear a dress for sure.  But one little problem...I have gained some weight so all my dresses were too short!! So I threw on another skirt under today's dress.  You'll see:

First, here's yesterdays:

 Oh, and I apologize for looking like Casper the Friendly Ghost.

Do you see the weight gain?  On a more positive note, I would have never thought of putting this bright yellow with this orange-y color, but I love it!! These are also my favorite pair of summer heels.  They do end up hurting a little at the end of the day, but most of them do eventually anyway.


Went in this morning like this

And then AT work, I changed to this

And during lunch:

The dress has the turquoise in it, the pics kinda suck.  I do love these shoes too though.  They are super comfy!

Alright folks, I'm gonna get to listening to Adele's new album, which I'm very excited for.  God, I love that woman.

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