Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Get Mo' Dough

So, a great friend of Mine named Angela (who was featured in the outfit spicing post), sent me a great site to help save money.  A lot of coupon sites are really busy and kinda hard to follow, but I really loved this site and was so excited to share it.  I was soooooo thankful Angela thought of me and sent it along (what a great friend!).

The site is:


I had no idea how many stores have free samples to give away.  Right now, I think Target is giving away a 5 count sample of zyrtec, for all you allergy-suffering-folk.  I also learned Starbucks is giving away a free drink when you take in your refillable cup on Earth Day!  I highly recommend you check it out. 

In other news:
I will finally be selling my vintage clothes at the Gaithersburg Fairground Flea Market (indoors) in Maryland next Saturday, April 16th.  If you are local, please stop by!  I guarantee there's something for everyone, and it's not only vintage clothes! I may be able to get some pics posted this week of some of the clothes/accessories/shoes that will be for sale.

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  1. This is Katy, writer of thrift[me] blog! Just wanted to comment to say [WOW!] thanks so much for the compliment and for spreading the word! I'll be sure to keep those great deals coming. :o)