Thursday, April 14, 2011


When I saw these pants on the rack, I knew I was in love.  The anticipation of pulling them out and looking them up and down to see if they were oddly shaped, too long, too wide was all swept away by perfection.  I got quite a few, "where did you get those?," and I replied that they were thrifted, and vintage.  Love!

I wore two belts:

abercrombie and fitch jean jacket- thrifted, ($5)
white tee- f21 ($8)
gray and blue striped cardi- thrifted ($10)
yellow pants- vintage, thrifted ($4)

Thus, today was one of those happy days where I am pleased with my overall look, which puts me in a good mood.  Actually, one of those days where I'm over-pleased.  

Tomorrow is Friday, I hoping I have a great productive day both at work and at home.  I gotta get my vintage clothes ready for the sale Saturday!!

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  1. I don't know if you realized, but in the two color pictures where you can see the whole pants - there is a stain on the leg of your pants. Awesome outfit tho.