Saturday, February 27, 2010

Rub a Dub Scrub!

I promised not to make this a baby blog, but I have another item I want to discuss.   You know, for those soon-to-be Moms, or the lady that's going to the baby shower, or just for you to keep in mind for when you do get knocked up.

I received Huggies Calming Touch Disposable Washcloths for my baby shower (thanks Claudia!).  When it was time for Devins first bath, I used one of my millions of washcloths with the Johnson and Johnson Soap.  Then one day while I was better organizing all my baby things I ran across the Huggies Washcloths and was like 'yes!', I couldn't wait to try them.  They made for a faster bath, which is great for newborns that aren't fond of baths.  The washcloth gets very soapy without crumbling, and the best part- it has that yummy "calming" lavender smell. Great lather and a great smell made for a great bath. I love this lavender smell by the way. They have it in Johnson and Johnsons sleepy time bath sets, and I use it...on me!  back to the disposable washcloths, I still have a couple left.  There are 20 to a box and it's about $4 or so.  Just the same as any baby soap, I like to massage him with baby oil after a bath for moisterization (I don't think that's a word).  It's probably not a very green item, but I have enjoyed this box, and so did little man...


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